Six Choses

It won’t surprise you to learn that here at All Languages we firmly believe that, when you want to improve your skills in a foreign language, you can’t beat structured learning with an inspiring and insightful tutor.

But today’s connected world does throw open a whole lot of opportunities to support your classroom learning with practice of your chosen language in the areas that matter to you.

So today we’re going to take a look at six of the best online resources available to supplement your French learning. We’ll take a look at some of the online resources available to support some of our other popular language classes soon.

1. Larousse

Well, I suppose we should start with a dictionary… and the great thing about this site is, as well as your French dictionary and verb conjugator and language forums and funny posts about new expressions or words, you can also access Larousse Gastronomique – with all its videos du chef, recettes and leçons d’experts. For instance, today’s menu du jour includes ‘Petits feuilletés grecs à la feta et aux épinards, saumon et gambas en velouté de jeunes oignons and macarons au nutella’ and if that doesn’t get your mouth watering…

2. Académie française

These are the people working to protect the French language from ravages of Anglo-Saxon influence. They offer grammatical advice and alternatives to intrusive foreign words. There is some wonderful content about the history of the French language and does their appointment of the first English-born member (Quelle horreur!) mean a relaxation of their anti-Franglais stance? Things seem to be getting a little interesting…

3. Le Figaro

The easy availability of contemporary sources the internet delivers is a real boon for language learners. As well as digging around their site for articles that interest you or that are related to your professional field, Le Figaro has a really varied selection of e-newsletters you can sign up for. It is a great way of prompting yourself to get a bit of extra reading practice in during your lunch hour – unless you’re already with us for one of our All Languages Languages at Lunch classes of course!

4. Marseille

These warm, sunny afternoons have me hankering after a glimpse of turquoise sea and Marseille is European City of Culture this year. Get a vicarious vision of all the events around the City – or simply get inspired to make a trip to get some real French practise in!

5. Paris Match

For celebrity-watchers it is fascinating to get a sense of the spin the French press put on the celebrity stories you may already be familiar with. More than anything, it gives you access to these stories from a surprisingly different viewpoint, considering how near our French neighbours are. It offers an insight into the socio-political strands of thought that permeate the cultural consciousness. It’s those cultural insights we’re after, not the celebrity tittle-tattle – honest!

6. Vogue

Well, it would be rude not to, wouldn’t it? And if you’re exhausted after all that French thinking they have a Pinterest site too… so pretty…


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